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Beyond Workouts: Recovery is Just as Important

When workouts are a consistent part of our lives, recovery can sometimes be overlooked.  Recovery not only allows the body to rest but also to rebuild and get stronger.  Without it, there may be a battle with diminishing returns as well as decreased enjoyment during and from workouts.  The following article from the American Council on Exercise covers the types of recovery, active and passive, along with the hows and whys of each.

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Foam rolling is one method for muscle recovery.

Heavy Weights? Yes, Please!

Lifting heavy weights is beneficial for the body. Some, especially females, might fear that they will “bulk up” by doing so. However, this is far from the truth. Heavy weights can increase muscle strength and definition but not bulk up a female because females do not have the testosterone levels needed to create huge muscles. Males, on the other hand, will likely add size when weight training due to their testosterone levels.

As a personal trainer, I have encountered numerous women who are hesitant to weight train. Visions of female body builders with muscles popping out of their clothes and a more masculine look come to mind. Not only is this far from the truth but strength training is necessary for females who would like to increase metabolism, develop leaner bodies, avoid injury and preserve bone density. Below, a few common questions answered…

What happens to muscle as we age?
• After age 30, muscle mass decreases at a rate of 10% per decade. That’s 1% every year!
• If we lose muscle mass, our metabolism slows; we are also at greater risk of decreased bone density and thus osteoporosis.

Why should I strength train?
• Preserve muscle mass.
• Preserve and build bone mass, decreasing risk of osteoporosis: just two strength training sessions per week is shown to dramatically cut fracture risk in  postmenopausal women!
• Increase metabolism: the body will burn more calories at rest.
• Strengthen and develop muscle shape.
• Prevent loss of skin elasticity (i.e., less “sagging”).
• Increased ease performing activities of daily living.
• Decreased risk of injury and enhanced athletic performance.

Will I get bulky from lifting weights?
• No! The body will typically become trimmer and shapely.
• Most women do not have the testosterone levels required to build bulk.
• Female body builders with bulky muscles spend hours each day lifting extremely heavy weights and may take steroids.

How does weight training sound now? Hopefully, these facts ease any concern. I believe the benefits are too numerous to skip this component of a fitness program. Adding strength work to your workouts is necessary if you would like to reap the positive outcomes listed above. Contact me at to start a basic strength training program today!


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Eat Fat to Lose Fat

Often times, I have encountered clients and class participants who feel that they must strictly limit or omit dietary fat in order to lose weight.  Thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth!  Dietary fat is quite healthy and, in fact, one must eat fat to lose weight.  The following article features an excellent summary of why fat should be included in part of a healthy, balanced nutrition program:


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