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Simple Snack Ideas

A common question I receive is “What are good snacks?”  Most people need foods that are quick and can be consumed on the go.  Here are 10 ideas for healthful snacks:


1.  ¼ cup nuts or seeds (almonds, walnuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds)

2.  1 medium-sized** piece of fruit (or 1 cup berries) with 2 tbsp seeds

3.  1 medium-sized apple with 1 tbsp peanut or almond butter

4.  Sliced veggies with ¼ cup hummus

5.  1-2 hard-boiled eggs (approx. 70 calories/egg)

6.  ½ cup cottage cheese with small piece of fruit or sprinkled with nuts

7.  1 cup plain yogurt sweetened with stevia and pumpkin pie spice

8.  1 inch cubed size piece of cheese (preferably raw milk) with 10 walnuts

9.  ¼ cup roasted chick peas (should have no added oils) and 2 tablespoons almonds

10.  Nitrate-/nitrite-free turkey slices rolled around avocado or hummus


**  size of woman’s fist


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